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We are planning to hold an oxDNA users and developers workshop in Oxford from September 2-6 2019. The aim of the workshop is to bring together both developers and users of the oxDNA model not only to share current research projects, but also to set the agenda for the future development of the oxDNA code and infrastructure, as well as to identify (and begin to address) current shortcomings. Particular foci are likely to be

Location: Beecroft Building

The rough schedule is:

1.5 Days: Short research presentations from all attendees highlighting the range of work for which oxDNA is being used, tools that have been developed, and wish lists for future development.

0.5 Days: Discussion-based sessions to define the agenda for future development and to identify key targets and outline plans for implementation.

2 Days: "Hackathon": Begin to address the simpler targets (e.g. improve documentation of newer features, incorporation of existing external utilities into oxDNA infrastructure, develop and test simpler utilities). Make detailed plans for future development and collaborations. Users to get help in utilizing more advanced code features.