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(DNA cage)
(DNA tetrahedron (double-stranded sides))
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=== DNA tetrahedron (double-stranded sides) ===
=== DNA tetrahedron (double sides) ===

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single-stranded DNA

Image ssdna.png

double-stranded DNA

Image dsdna.png

Plectoneme formation


See also the following movies:

DNA cage


DNA tetrahedron (double sides)

Tetrahedron large.png

DNA tetrahedron


Formation of a duplex in the simulation box

Strand displacement

stateB.png Invading strand attached by toehold

stateC.png Invading and victim strands that are not coaxially stacked

stateX.png Invading and victim strands that are coaxially stacked

A movie of part of the strand displacement process. It shows the invading strand attached by toehold and then displacing several base pairs of the victim strand:

DX tile


Kissing hairpin

Hairpin kiss2.png